Restoration of Gilboa Dam & Associated Facilities | Gilboa, NY

Goshow Architects is a subconsultant to the Joint Venture of Gannett Fleming + Hazen and Sawyer (JV) for the $350 million restoration of Gilboa Dam and its associated facilities. Gilboa Dam is located at the Schoharie Reservoir, one of 19 reservoirs that supplies New York City with fresh drinking water. Originally constructed in 1927, the Gilboa Dam and its associated facilities have served as a vital component in the New York City Catskill Water System.

This project includes comprehensive restoration and remediation work to extend the dam’s service life and maintain its historic and natural setting in the Catskill region.  The project will add significant mass to the dam, install floodgates, and include a large tunnel bypass allowing water to be released safely from the reservoir into Schoharie Creek. Goshow Architects’ involvement includes the design of all publically viewed structures such as the dam’s façade, training walls, scenic overlook, and associated tunnel structures.

Sustainability is an integral feature of the restoration work, with a focus on protecting the watershed system. Restorative planting strategies include: invasive plant species replacement with native flora, increase of vegetative habitat diversity for aquatic fauna and herptiles, and stormwater runoff mitigation with bio-retention cells to supplement the natural wetlands. Measures were taken to incorporate sustainable construction practices including an on-site concrete plant using high-fly ash content and sourcing local materials to provide a reduction in embodied energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Bluestone material salvaged from the existing dam face will be reused in the reconstruction work thoughout the site.