Middle College High School | Long Island City, NY

The new Middle College Campus was designed for two existing schools to share facilities in the same
footprint: Middle College High School (MCHS) and International High School (IHS). Goshow Architects
provided design and construction administration services for the renovation and new addition to administer critically needed immediate upgrades to bring it into building code compliance. In addition to facilitating immediate repairs, Goshow Architects completed a feasibility study to evaluate
several schemes for the creation of two separate High Schools, which would share the facilities in the existing footprint. The program, floor plans and room layouts were developed and refined through a series of collaborative meetings with both schools and with the SCA, ensuring requirements, budget,
and time schedules were met. As the building was partially occupied during construction, a detailed
three-phase construction schedule with swing space was implemented, and full-time construction administration services were provided on-site.