Looking Forward to 2015!

We at Goshow Architects have much to be thankful for as we anticipate an active and energized 2015.  Our commitment to sustainable, high-performance buildings and spaces, and our dedication to “green building design for the public good” remains.  Our accomplished staff continues to perform at a high level.  Each brings a special area of interest and expertise to add to the discourse that helps us stay in the forefront of practice.  Our client base is solid and steadily growing.  Our commitment to engaging in the public dialog on behalf of the environment and sustainable futures for all of us will increase.  We will continue to advance the idea of excellence in all we do.

For me, there are concerns which I championed during my year as President of AIA New York State in 2013, and which I will continue to pursue with increased vigor in 2015.  Can you believe that architects and engineers still have no legislative protection from frivolous lawsuits when we volunteer our time and offer our expertise in times of natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy?  Can you believe that some refuse to fund infrastructure, transit, and other building projects that will employ many and will bring us into the 21st Century?  Or those who refuse to fund tax credits to help preserve and reinforce our downtowns and historic buildings and neighborhoods?  In order for us and our children and our children’s children to live in a world of balance, promise, and opportunity for all, we must invest now in that future.

Architects are in a unique position to lead the way.  Not only are some of our best and brightest on the forefront of innovation in sustainable and resilient design, our work can broaden public understanding, inform public opinion, and impact public policy on the issues we must confront: the global impact of climate change, improving our nation’s transportation infrastructure, and supporting emerging green industry.

Our profession can build change from the ground up, and I’m excited to work towards this in 2015.




Eric Goshow, Partner